Why Choose Craftsman Masonry INC

There are many mason companies out there, so why choose Craftsman Masonry? We have been asked that and if you boil it down to its core, there is a 2 part answer to that question: Experience and Customer Service. In our industry, there is no replacement for experience. Experience helps us quickly deal with issues that might arise on the job or even before the project starts.

Craftsman Masonry in Seattle. Elite masonry work.This experience helps us see possible risks before the project starts and helps the home owner understand how Craftsman Masonry will address those risks.

Customer Service is the second area Craftsman Masonry is extremely focused on. All of our customers finish their projects with a good feeling about the work we do and the way it is handled. Communication is key for most projects. We regularly keep the home owner up to date with our status and by the end of the project, they are satisfied with the work.

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