Fireplace Repair

Because of the wet and cold conditions in the Northwest chimneys and fireplaces may be in need of rebuilding or repair. Such repairs could include removing and rebuilding the concrete crowns on the top of the chimney, these may crack or crumble allowing water to seep through. Flues, the clay liners that run up the middle of the chimney, can become damaged or broken because of settling or freezing. We inspect replace or repair damaged flues as needed.  Tuckpointing the brick mortar joints.

Most older chimneys and fireplaces used a softer grade of mortar so over the years these tend to crumble away and need to be ground out and refilled with a higher grade of mortar.  Flashing, the metal inserted around the base of the chimney, can separate from the brick or get weather worn and start to leak causing water damage inside the house.

Craftsman Masonry Fireplace Repair in Bellevue WashingtonWe remove all the old flashing inspect the roofing flashing for problems and insert all new flashing around the base of the chimney.  Spalding brick is caused by water getting absorbed into the brick and then freezing which causes the brick to crumble and fall out leaving openings for water to get into the fireplace.

Fireplace repair in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond and IssaquahWe remove the spalding brick and replace them with new brick and apply a sealer to the entire chimney to help prevent water from soaking in.

Chimney sweep, in wood burning fireplaces there is a buildup of soot in the flues that can be a fire hazard. We inspect and sweep all the chimneys that need it.

We also reline indoor fireplaces with fire brick if necessary or inspect to make sure dampers are in working order.

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