Cultured Stone

Cultured Stone installation can look simple and easy to install when watching a professional. But that is true with anything isn’t it? If done incorrectly not only will it not last but instead of adding beauty to your home it can detract. In the many years Craftsman Masonry has been in business we have seen some pretty scary cultured stone installations.

We Pride ourselves on making manufactured stone look as close to real stone as possible because after all that is the look you are going for.   The product itself has come a long way in the last few years. It used to be back in the seventies when it was first introduced that the colors were terrible and about every fifth or sixth stone looked exactly the same shape.  Now the improvements are stunning. Our clients in Bellevue, Kirkland, Redmond, Seattle, and Issaquah have all experienced the instant improvement great cultured stone work can bring to their home.

There are thousands of molds so even in a large job you rarely come across the same stone shape twice. Some products are so realistic that when installed right only a trained eye can tell the difference. Put simple we install right. Our clean up and attention to detail will give you the kind of job you see in the stone manufacture’s brochures. In fact some of our jobs are in those very brochures.

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