Stone Masonry

What is stone masonry? Stone Masonry is the craft of working with stone. The craft has been around ever since man found a way to chip away at stone. Most ancient monuments are made from stone. Why? Because stone lasts a long, long time. If you ever look at a home that has burnt to the ground. What is typically left?

Stone Masonry repair and construction in Bellevue, Kirkland, Issaquah and RedmondA well built stone fireplace or brick chimney. The craft of stone masonry is considered an art form in some circles, and it makes sense. Only though time and experience can a skilled stone mason create a structure that will not only beatify the home, but also provide critical functionality. When you are researching your stone mason, make sure they can show you pictures of their FINISHED work. Getting the job done start to finish and on budget is something not all stone masons can do… we can. Just ask any of our customers. They are all over, Seattle, Bellevue, Kirkland.. just ask us, we will send over some references.

Give us a call for a free estimate. Whether you are fixing an old stone project or making a new long lasting one, Craftsman Masonry is the go to company for your stone mason needs. Give us a call, let’s chat. (425) 222-6254.